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Jalisco has produced the most realistic looking sculptures other than the Mayan and Mochica. Some of the larger sculptures have truly human looking features.

Unlike Colima's spouted pieces, Jalisco generally has only a vent hole, often in the ear or mouth. Because of the distinct differentiations, it is accepted that Jalisco varieties represent actual populations.

The San Sebastian red figures are especially thin- walled and heavily adorned, while the El Arenal brown are heavier and more human in appearance. The Ameca are predominently gray with a few gold large figures that approach realistic portraiture, both in appearance and posture.

Jalisco figures tend to be favored by many West Coast collectors, because of their refinement compared to the softer Colima and course, rougher Nayarit sculptures.

6381 - Jalisco Kneeling Woman

Jalisco Kneeling Woman