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An unusual culture known for 3 pottery styles - bowls, medium size standing figures and small solid modelled flat ones.

The bowls are generally thick walled, of all shapes, some tripodal and simplistically decorated in red and cream linear or geometric designs; some having repousse faces on a side. The hollow standing figures are mostly female, hands on their torsos, red slipped and painted similiarly to the bowls.

The solid figures in a 2" - 4" range depict predominantly females, some pregnant, some large breasted, others almost sexless. Males wear pompoms on their feet. Almost all are heavily applique decorated.

A small number have clay strands from behind their ears on one or both sides, running to their mouths - we have discovered they are little girls chewing on their braids. Almost all wear ear spools and are nude or semi-nude, buff, with traces of red and white painted decorations.

123 - Extremely Rare Chupicuaro Bowls

Extremely Rare Chupicuaro Bowls

CEX - Chupicuaro Standing Female Flat Figure

Chupicuaro Standing Female Flat Figure