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Extremely Rare Teotihuacan Figure

Reference number: 6827

300 B.C. - 100 B.C.

A fantastic standing figure from a very well-documented and provenanced Teotihuacan grave. The 10-3/8" tall figure stands with arms down at its sides. Facial and body details are indicated by grooving and abrading. Unique to this piece, the right side of its upper torso is a snake headed musical rasp, the same style usually held by some seated Nayarit figures from their shoulders down to their laps. A cruder, more chunky version is also atop its head. The piece is in mint condition exactly as found and professionally mounted. Also included from the same grave site are these 2 serpent rasps, measuring 13-3/8" and 5-15/16" long. This piece appears to be one-of-a-kind, attractive, impressive and unique.


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Extremely Rare Teotihuacan Figure, Guaranteed Authentic
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